Tipple & Tamper

Tipple and Tamper have found the best waterfront on the Sunshine Coast, How about you??

A new locally owned and operated mobile coffee and wine van has set up site on the grounds of Jewel Birtinya Island on the Sunshine Coast.

Tipple and Tamper was born out of Melanie and John Gosling’s dream to own a cafe “where you could order eggs Benedict and know the eggs were collected fresh that morning”. “Having that level of connectedness with our food and sharing the story with our customers was our plan,” Mrs Gosling said.

Melanie and John source a lot of thier products locally on the Sunshine Coast including Maleny Dairies, OK Boocha and Buderim Ginger. The family also use sustainable practices including raising their own chickens for eggs, feed them scraps, use their nesting straw on the herb, vegetable and fruit tree gardens. The coffee cups and the caravan are also from Australian made and owned businesses.

Local food and beverage have been Mrs Gosling’s passion since beginning her career. “When you eat a meal or sip on a coffee made with the region’s finest you become one with the community and it tells the story of their own,” she said. “There simply is nothing better than our weekly drive up to the hinterland picking up freshly roasted and visiting the cows that provide the best milk in our region.”

We are glad that Melanie and John have decided to park up their Caravan on the waterfront at Jewel Birtinya Island. Great Coffee and Great Service.

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